Logging Injuries

Logging is among the most dangerous occupations. In a recent year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 14,000 injuries per 100,000 full-time workers, compared to only 8,000 per 100,000 workers for the private sector as a whole.[1] The logging industry experiences a fatality rate 23 times higher than all US workers according to the CDC.[2] In 2006 the fatality rate in the logging industry was more than 30 times the all-worker rate.[3]

According to the CDC, many workers and employers do not follow OSHA standards that would prevent many injuries and deaths.[4]

Employers are generally immune from civil liability for work-place injury. Not all workers are covered by L&I (a/k/a/ worker’s comp)—contract workers, for example. In those situations, the logging company would not be immune from liability for injuries. Worker’s comp immunity does not extend to manufacturers if a design or manufacturing defect causes injury.

If you have been injured in the logging industry, consult with an attorney to learn about your rights.

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