I was in an auto accident and I have car insurance. Should get an attorney? Won’t my car insurance cover my needs after an accident?

In a perfect world you would be fully compensated for your losses by the other driver’s insurance and/or your auto insurance. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, not non-profit charities. Paying claims is a big expense. Insurance companies routinely resits claims in various ways.

Insurance companies often question medical bills, even if you are just following your doctor’s medical advice.

Insurance companies often question the impact an injury has had on someone, even though their doctors and their family corroborate the claims.

An insurance company may claim you are at fault in whole or in part in an effort to reduce your claim.

Insurance companies retain attorneys, medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and other experts to avoid paying injury claims. You need someone in your corner fighting for you. The initial case evaluation is at no cost.

An experienced South Carolina car accident attorney, such as ours at Joye Law Firm, can work to compel the insurance companies involved in your accident to provide proper payments. Our work would include investigating how your accident happened, calculating all of your costs, and addressing any comparative fault on your part – or ensuring that none is found where it does not exist.

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