Harder Than It Looks

A man was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. He treated with his doctor and with physical therapy. Months later he suddenly felt severe pain in his neck, shoulders, and down his left and right arms. He was in such severe pain that he believed he would die. He went to the emergency room for treatment, and spent three days in the hospital. The pain was so intense he lost consciousness at one point.

At a personal injury trial (not handled by our firm) the man asked for over $185,000 in damages – both for medical bills and pain and suffering. The jury returned a verdict for only $8,200. The Court of Appeals upheld this result.[1]

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There was conflicting medical evidence about whether the auto accident caused the severe pain attack. There was also evidence that the man had recovered from the auto accident before the severe pain attack.


The Court of Appeals concluded that although there was some evidence to support the injured man’s interpretation of events, other evidence presented in trial supported the jury verdict, which therefore must stand.


Proving your injuries are related to a particular event is sometimes harder than it looks. If you suffer injuries you believe are someone else’s fault you need to have a personal injury attorney review your case for a free case evaluation as early as possible.

by peronsal injury attorney Travis Scott Eller

[1] Wright v. Bedlington, unpublished (No. 69800-1-1 March 24, 2014).

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